đŸ‘ļHow it started

Gaming Arcade started with the vision of creating a platform where web2 meets web3. Our team of experts has contributed a lot to the development of this platform which aims at bringing back the nostalgic attraction of arcade games. The nostalgia of 90’s gaming is reminiscent of the arcades, inventing the whole idea of fun and entertainment. Even with the latest innovations and the union of AR/VR into the gaming industry, the void of arcade games was tragic. The video games were missed so much that the resurrection of Arcade Games was considered a wild concept.

Gaming Arcade was founded with the goal of recapturing the essence of '90s gaming culture, while also providing a new source of income for web2 players. At Gaming Arcade, players can relive their fond memories while also monetizing their skills, resulting in more than just satisfaction. Not just web2 players, but streamers can also benefit from monetizing their streams through the platform. Gaming Arcade offers a unique opportunity for both players and streamers to earn from their passion for video arcade games and streaming.

Keeping the nostalgia of people in mind and to cater to web3, we have built our platform where users can come and play their favorite games. With our platform, we aim to provide an immersive and engaging gaming experience that brings back the nostalgia of arcade games while also incorporating the latest advancements in web3 technology.

In addition to our current offerings, Gaming Arcade has plans to introduce NFTs with functional utilities. These NFTs will allow players to save their progress in one game and use it across multiple games. This cross-game functionality will prevent players from losing their progress and provide them with a tangible asset that can be utilized in other games. The introduction of NFTs with utilities will greatly enhance the gaming experience for players and make it more meaningful. With the help of these NFTs, the progress players make will not go to waste, but instead, provide them with a valuable resource that can be utilized across different games.

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