Our platform offers a thrilling 1vs1 gaming experience with four unique bet amounts to choose from. The Play 01 Matic option allows players to engage in a competitive match with a low-stakes bet of just 01 Matic. With the potential to earn up to 90% of the bet amount, players can test their skills and experience the excitement of the 1vs1 gameplay.

For those looking for higher stakes, the Play 05 Matic and Play 10 Matic options offer bet amounts of 05 and 10 Matic, respectively. These options provide players with the opportunity to up the ante and earn even greater rewards for their gaming prowess.

And for the ultimate gaming experience, our Play 50 Matic option lets players compete with a substantial bet amount of 50 Matic. The rewards for this high-stakes option are commensurate with the increased risk, with the winning player taking home up to 90% of the bet amount.

Regardless of the bet amount, a portion of each match's bet is reserved for the development of the platform, ensuring continued growth and innovation.

Let's bring this concept to life with a thrilling example. Imagine two passionate gamers facing off in a high-stakes match, each wagering 50 Matic to enter the arena. The winner of this pulse-pounding competition will walk away with an impressive payout of up to 90% of the bet amount, a reward that truly speaks to their mastery of the game. Meanwhile, a small platform fee of 10% is collected to ensure a seamless gaming experience for all players, helping to maintain and grow the thriving community on Gaming Arcade.

Here, the amount bet by each player = 2 x 50 Matic = 100 Matic for the game.

90% of 100 Matic = 90/100 x 100

= 90 Matic.

So, the victorious player walks away with a hefty payout of 90 Matic, a testament to their exceptional gaming skills and the fierce competition within the Gaming Arcade arena.

10% of fees out of the total bet amount,

10% of 100 Matic = 10/100 x 100

= 10 Matic.

Therefore, a small platform fee of 10 Matic is collected to sustain and enhance the Gaming Arcade experience for all players.

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