With our custom room creation feature, you have the power to create your very own gaming experience. Imagine handpicking the board, setting the desired bet amount, and sending out a personalized code to your friends. Your friends can then simply enter the code to join the room and play with you in a private, custom setting. But that's not all, if you'd rather join an existing room, we've got you covered there too! All you need to do is enter the code of the room that you'd like to join, and you'll be transported to a world of fun and competition, playing alongside your friends with a custom bet amount set by the room's creator. So, whether you're creating or joining, our custom room creation feature offers endless possibilities for a tailored gaming experience. And, regardless of whether it's a custom room or a 1vs1 match, the rewards distribution remains unchanged.

Let us understand this with an example,

Player A has the opportunity to craft their ultimate gaming experience by creating a custom room with hand-selected board options and a bet amount of 100 Matic. Player B is then invited to join in on the fun by simply entering a unique code provided by Player A. With both players entering the custom room, the bet amount increases to a thrilling 200 Matic, raising the stakes for a high-stakes game that will test their skills and determination. The winner will walk away with an impressive payout of up to 90% of the bet amount, truly cementing their status as master gamer. Meanwhile, a small platform fee of 10% is collected to ensure a seamless gaming experience and support the ongoing development of the Gaming Arcade platform. Therefore, 90% of 200 Matic would be,

90% of 200 Matic = 90/100 x 200

= 180 Matic.

So, the winning player gets 180 Matic as a reward.

The 10% of the platform commission would be,

10% of 200 Matic = 10/100 x 200

= 20 Matic

Therefore, 20 Matic will be used as a platform commission in this game.

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