Gaming Arcade provides a gaming experience that is both entertaining and rewarding. We understand that gamers not only want to have fun but also desire to showcase their skills and earn incentives. That is why we offer a unique blend of entertainment and rewards that enables players to turn their passion into an income-generating opportunity. In our Real-Time Matches feature, we offer 1vs1, 1vsMany, and Custom Room types of game modules. The calculation of rewards in these games follows the same formula as all our other games. The winner receives 90% of the bet amount, and the remaining 10% goes towards commission. We ensure that all our players have an equal opportunity to win big, no matter the game they choose to play.

The Formula used for the distribution of rewards is as follows: Player A comes and plays with X Matic and Player B comes and plays with X Matic then The winner will take = (X + X) Matic - 10% of 2X

Let's take the game of Ludo as an example, imagine that each player places a wager of 50 Matic, resulting in a cumulative total of 200 Matic. Now, the intensity builds as the game begins and players eagerly compete to be crowned the winner. The stakes are high, with an impressive 90% of the total bet amount going to the player who emerges victorious. The remaining 10% is a small commission deducted from the bet amount for the platform. Now putting the value in formula; The winner will take = (X + X + X + X) - 10% of 4X = (50 + 50 + 50 + 50) - 10% of 4 x 50 = 200 - 10% of 200 = 200 - 20 = 180 Matic Therefore, the winner will take home 180 Matic as prize pool with them after deducting the 10% commission.

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