đŸ’ĩPaid Entry Tournament

The thrill of competition is at the heart of our paid entry tournaments. These events bring together top players from around the community to compete for a share of the prize pool. To participate, players must pay an entry fee, which is determined by the platform. The number of winners is also determined by the platform, ensuring a fair and balanced competition. The prize pool is then distributed among the top players, as outlined by the rules and regulations of the tournament, providing an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and take home a substantial reward.

In our paid entry tournaments, the prize pool is calculated using a straightforward formula. The prize pool is the product of the entry fee and the total number of games played in the tournament.

i.e., Prize Pool = Entry Fee x Total Number of Games Played

For instance, consider a tournament with an entry fee of 5 Matic per player and a total of 1600 games played.

i.e., Prize Pool = 5 x 1600

= 8000 Matic

The total Prize Pool in this scenario would be 8000 Matic, which would be distributed among the top-performing players after the deduction of platform commission according to the rules and regulations set forth by the platform.

Tournament Bonanza: Compete for Daily Prizes Worth $10,000 and More! Upon the release of our Alpha Pass NFTs, we anticipate generating an impressive revenue of $20 million from their sale. Out of this, 10% (equivalent to $2 million) will be allocated to the Dev Wallet for platform operations, ensuring a seamless and top-notch gaming experience for our users. The lion's share, a substantial 90% (equivalent to $18 million), will be directed towards the Tournament Wallet to organize and fund our Daily Paid Tournaments with a generous prize pool of $10,000. With this allocation, the Tournament Wallet will have ample funds to support tournaments for five years and beyond. As a valued Alpha Pass holder, you will be granted 10 complimentary entries to these thrilling tournaments. Moreover, the total prize pool of these tournaments will consist of the funds from the Tournament Wallet ($10,000) and 90% of the paid entries, providing an opportunity for the prize pool to exceed $10,000 and giving you the chance to earn substantial rewards on a daily basis. Get ready for a gaming experience like no other, where extraordinary rewards await you every day.

Now, the Prize Pool of the Tournament = [90% of paid entries x No. of Games played] + $10,000 (can be more or less depending on the NFT sales) For instance, let's consider an example where the entry fee is set at $10, and the number of games played is with paid entries is 1600. Now, applying this data to our formula, Prize Pool = [ (90% 0f 10) x 1600] + $10,000

= [ 9 x 1600] + $10,000

= $14,400 + $10,000

= $24,400 The total Prize Pool in this scenario would be $24,400, which would be distributed among the top-performing players according to the rules and regulations set forth by the platform.

Sustaining Thrilling Competitions: The Tournament Treasury

In our unwavering commitment to delivering exhilarating tournaments, the Tournament Treasury serves as the bedrock of sustainability. Fueled by a strategic allocation of resources, including 15% from the GADE Token pool, it ensures that the thrill of competitive gaming never fades. A significant portion of revenue from various sources flows into the Tournament Treasury, including 2% from 10% of commissions derived from Gameplay and Paid Tournament entries, along with 2% of Listed Game Revenue. Moreover, the fund is fortified by the dedicated contributions of 50% of creator fees and 30% of Sponsored Tournaments.

This dynamic fund empowers us to continue offering exciting tournaments for years to come, reflecting our dedication to nurturing a gaming community that revels in fierce competition and boundless excitement. The Tournament Treasury serves as a testament to our commitment to providing a vibrant and engaging platform, always at the forefront of gaming innovation.

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