Step into a gaming revolution with Alpha Pass NFTs! Experience unparalleled benefits that redefine your digital journey. Access exclusive gaming adventures, enjoy boundless rewards through daily paid tournaments and elevate your gameplay like never before.

10 Free Entries in Daily Paid Tournaments with Prize Pool of $10,000

Dive into epic daily tournaments featuring a $10,000 prize pool, claim your 10 complimentary entries as an Alpha Pass NFT holder, and unlock the potential to earn up to $2000 and even more in a single day!

Records Game data on NFT

Capture your gaming legacy with the Alpha Pass NFT, think of it as a special digital key or token that you own. When you play games on our platform, the Alpha Pass NFT keeps track of all your gaming actions and achievements, as it records and preserves your valuable gameplay data, like a virtual diary. The best thing is that your gameplay data on the Alpha Pass NFT is unique to you.

This exclusive feature doesn't just enhance your gaming experience; it also adds significant value to your NFT. As your gameplay data accumulates on your Alpha Pass NFT, its scarcity and uniqueness soar, directly influencing its reselling value. So, not only are you a gaming legend, but you're also securing a valuable digital asset for the future. 🚀🎮💎

Earn big with zero personal investment

Level up your gaming journey with the Alpha Pass NFT advantage – compete in tournaments funded by revenue from NFT sales and earn daily rewards anywhere from $100 to $2000. Embrace the challenge and seize the opportunity for financial freedom without spending a dime.

VIP access to gaming parties!

Get ready to unlock a realm of exclusive experiences as an NFT holder. Gain VIP access to exhilarating gaming parties hosted by our platform, where you'll immerse yourself in an electric atmosphere surrounded by fellow gaming enthusiasts.

Access to World's First Web3 Gaming Console!

As proud Alpha Pass holders, you'll enjoy exclusive access to the World's First Handheld Web3 Gaming Console! Get ready to take your gaming experience to a whole new level with this groundbreaking device.

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