❓Why buy Alpha Pass?

Get ready to unleash your gaming potential with Alpha Pass NFTs! Each NFT is priced at just $200, but together, they hold the key to generating an impressive $20 million in revenue, powering exciting tournaments for years to come.

Imagine immersing yourself in daily competitions with thrilling prize pools of up to $10,000, all fueled by NFT sales, Tournament Treasury, and 50% creator fees. And here's the real game-changer - with ten complimentary entries, you can win remarkable rewards ranging from $100 to $2,000 daily! The Alpha Pass Holder's privilege, granting 10 complimentary entries and the chance to earn big, is truly a golden ticket. As the number of paid entries in a tournament escalates, so does the potential of the prize pool, expanding to impressive heights.

Take, for instance, a tournament with an entry fee of $40 and a robust participation of 200 paid entries. This scenario adds an additional $8,000 to our initial prize pool of $10,000, culminating in a substantial total of $18,000. With a prize pool soaring to $18,000, the top player's winning amount is set to far exceed initial expectations, promising a reward that's as grand as the competition itself.

That's right; with the Alpha Pass NFT, you pave your way to a real opportunity for daily earnings, potentially recovering the initial amount invested in the Alpha Pass.

With 10 complimentary entries, your gameplay opportunities multiply, enhancing your gaming odyssey. Each gameplay recorded on your Alpha Pass NFT not only advances your journey but also stands as a badge of honor, showcasing the breadth of your achievements and progress in the Gaming Arcade universe. As you play and increase your gameplay count, the value of your NFT will skyrocket, creating a brand new avenue for earning.

So, seize this golden opportunity to unlock your gaming journey, embrace a stream of passive income, and claim your place among the elite by investing just $200 in Alpha Pass NFTs.

Level up your gaming experience, and let the adventure begin!

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