💰How to withdraw referral rewards?

At Gaming Arcade, we prioritize the convenience and satisfaction of our users, and that is why we have made the process of withdrawing referral rewards as simple as possible. These rewards are distributed to the user each time their referred player places a bet in a game. Users have complete freedom and flexibility to redeem their referral rewards anytime they desire. To withdraw the referral rewards, users just need to navigate to their User Dashboard and scroll down to the Withdraw Referral Earnings section. Here, they can enter the amount they wish to withdraw in the input field or use the slider to determine the amount, and then click on the Withdraw button. The user will then be redirected to a wallet pop-up where they can sign in to the transaction to complete the withdrawal process. Our goal is to make the withdrawal of referral rewards hassle-free, quick, and transparent so that our users can have a seamless experience while using our platform.

Step 1: Go to User Dashboard from Homepage.

Step 2: You can see your Referral Earnings in the Referral Card.

Step 3: Scroll down to Withdraw Referral Earnings Card and enter the withdrawal amount manually or you can use a slider.

Step 4: Click on the Withdraw button.

Step 5: Authenticate withdrawal on your wallet.

Step 6: Upon the completion of the withdrawal process, a pop-up notification confirming the successful withdrawal shall emerge.

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