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Privacy Policy

Gaming Arcade collects information based on the services used by the user.
The information you give to us We do not store any personal information of or relating to revealing your personal identity, your wallet address, your name, or any indirect means of revelation of behavior. We are a DeFi-based crypto gaming platform that is the momentum to become the global leader. We assess your opinions based on the services we provide from social media and survey forms (if conducted). We also handle the information you provide to us while contacting support, including your Name, Email, and the request you made to us.
Information you provide while playing an online game We do not collect any information from you while you play online. When you are in communication with the game, we calculate some parameters, such as clicks, screen concentration, and much more. We record your login session from mobile as a device as one. Therefore, you are entitled to see your last played history under the last device connected to the Gaming Arcade website, whether it be mobile web or desktop web.
When you play online games, we record in-game profile information, such as your Avatar name (if in case we ask for the information inside the game). The in-game information, such as Avatar name and other profiling or character information is not shared among
Legal Basis For Data Processing Our legal basis for data processing depends on the type of information we collect. As mentioned above, we do not collect any information related to your personal identity revelation. But there are a few contexts mentioned above in which we can collect the general information inside our DeFi environment. We are not subjected nor in any contract with a third party to share the information falling user the categories mentioned below.
  • Country of Residence
  • Location
  • IP Address
  • Device Name, or
  • Device Registration Country
In case any person or authority is representing you as a part of the Gaming Arcade Team or community moderator and asks for any personal information which you find or feel illicit to the Gaming Arcade norms, you immediately need to contact support and not share any information such as name, email, wallet address, location, your residence, or any other information such as documents that are approved from the government of your country.
How we Collect your Information
Note: We adhere to various technologies to collect your data to measure the effectiveness of our services. But note that we do not share your data with a third party, nor do we practice any marketing promotions based on the data we collect from you. The technologies include cookies and other similar technologies, as well as analytics.
We use the recorded data to enhance and personalize your gaming experience. The information is used both individually and combined for the following aspects:
  • Analyze, improve, develop, and enhance our gaming experience and other services (if provided).
  • Undertake research to demonstrate and analyze our services and present them at overseas events.
  • Emphasizing creating a safer environment during matchmaking and custom room challenges.
  • Assist you in finding your friends via a custom room code shared.
  • Help identify and troubleshoot problems with your account or services.
  • Recording your response during surveys and questionnaires.
  • Communicating to you and responding to your personalized request.
  • Manage and send notifications or emails regarding the update in any policy, new game release, or any partnership that will be benefiting the entire Gaming Arcade community. (Note: Emails are only sent when you subscribe to our newsletter service, or any notification when consent is given.)
  • Sharing the details of transactions made during the game playing through emails (if provided), offers, and the winning amount notification.
We are under full authority for information retention as long as the necessary services we provide. We might also retain the information during that period or even longer for legal or operational concerns.
How we protect your information
We pledge to protect your information at Gaming Arcade. Our team takes a range of technical, personal, and organizational identity and interests protection measures to protect the stored information. Our dedicated technologies deal with the possible secured environment to protect the information submitted by the audience or viewers through any means.
Change to our policy The policies may be subject to change when required. We adhere to our policies, but any updation or change in the policy is subjected to loss of financial assets to token. We do not claim nor provide any assistance in getting back or recovering your losses during the unauthorized transaction. In case, you click on any link claiming to be generated from the team of Gaming Arcade, if the link is sent to you via an email ending with
Cookie Policy
The Section consists of the information for the use, collection, and disclosure of the data we collect through various means.
Technology we use As per the requirements, we use several technologies to assure the user is authentic and is not operating the Gaming Arcade website on any device subjected to restriction. We adhere to the policies and crafted our services to .not accept any request if a person is using any of the proxies or VPN (whether paid or unpaid), assuring data protection, we do not allow the IP address to make any request to the site's server.
Several pieces of information that we record
We are adhering to using the technology to count your log-in sessions. There are several aspects that you should have to look at before you connect your wallet or sign up to get access to our gaming library.
  • We record your log-in sessions from every device you log in to using the same decentralized wallet.
  • You should not change your login device to see the recently played games sections.
  • In case you change your login device but use the same wallet, in this case, you will lose the history of the recently played game. Gaming Arcade will count your login as a new session.
  • We do not store nor track your IP address, neither your device name nor your device activation country. We neither claim to share any such information with the third party nor in contract with any third party for sharing the above-mentioned information.
You can contact us for any concerns related to the privacy policy at [email protected]. Our Data Protection Officer will connect with you in the next 7 days for any query raised.