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Services and Privacy

3.1 Our Services
Gaming Arcade enables users to engage in various skill-based games, online tournaments, and competitions (collectively referred to as "Competitions") with other Gaming Arcade users through a portal. Users with a wallet can participate in Competitions through our Services periodically. We retain the right, with or without notification to you, to:
a. alter, suspend, or terminate your access to the Site and Services without incurring any liability, for any reason, with or without prior notice.
b. we may interrupt the operation of the Site or Services as required to carry out maintenance, error correction, or other work. In addition, we may suspend the wallet of any user and blacklist their IP address who breaches or who we have reasonable cause to believe will breach these Terms at any time without liability and without notice.
3.2 Remote access and updates
We reserve the option of providing technical assistance for Services at our discretion from time to time. This technical support may require remote access to the Devices on which the Services are run. Moreover, we may remotely access your Device without prior notification to deploy patches, updates, and modifications to Gaming Arcade or update the Services. By accepting these terms, you agree to these procedures. You understand that failure to enable remote access to your Device may cause the Services to stop working, preventing you from participating in Competitions or receiving other Services.We will have access to your Device solely for the following purposes:
i. providing support
ii. updating the Services
iii. determining your location for regulatory purposes only. Such access is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy.
3.3 Beta Releases
If a Service is identified by us as a "beta" version ("Beta Service"), you acknowledge and agree that it may contain more or fewer features than the final release of the Service. We reserve the right to not release a final version of a Beta Service or to modify its features, specifications, capabilities, functions, licensing terms, release dates, general availability, or other characteristics, in our sole discretion. Beta Services may not be suitable for production use, and may contain errors that affect their proper operation and functionality. You understand and agree that Gaming Arcade will not be held responsible for any damages, including any losses arising from the failure of any Beta Service.
3.4 Third Party Sites
The Services or Site may provide access to third-party websites or services. We do not have any responsibility for third-party websites, services, or content available through those third-party services. You are entirely responsible for your interactions with third parties, including advertisers. Your use of third-party software, websites, or services may be subject to that third-party's terms and conditions and privacy policy.
4.1 We value your privacy and have implemented policies to safeguard it while you use the Site, participate in Competitions or use the Services. Our Privacy Policy is incorporated into these Terms and outlines these policies in detail. We handle all the information you provide to us in accordance with the Privacy Policy, including information submitted to the Site and information submitted for participation in Services. Please take the time to carefully read the Privacy Policy.
4.2 Accessing and using the Services necessitates an internet connection to our servers, and to enable the Services, we may require specific information from you and your internet-enabled Device. Such information may include internet connection data and other data related to the operation of the Service from any Device that uses your wallet to log onto the Service. We will use this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
5.1 Referral Commission
Gaming Arcade shall provide you a commission for referrals made by you ("Referral Commission") as specified in Gaming Arcade's Referral Program, subject to the terms and conditions laid out in the Referral Program.
5.2 Prohibition on Self-Play
Gaming Arcade has the sole discretion to determine whether any user's wallet was created directly by you or was created to falsely generate or enhance Referral Commission, and such wallets will not be included in the Referral Commission or Referral Program.
5.3 Taxes
You are obligated to pay any and all taxes, duties, tariffs, or assessments that may arise from the payment of the Referral Commission as described in these Terms and the Referral Program.