💰Tokenised Equity Division

Allocation and Distribution

The funds accrued in the Tokenized Equity Pool at Gaming Arcade, as sourced from the various revenue streams outlined previously, are allocated into two primary streams:

  1. Token Reward Pool Replenishment (20%):

    • Purpose: This allocation ensures continuous replenishment and sustainability of the Token Reward Pool.

    • Allocation: A significant 20% of the total Tokenized Equity Pool is reserved specifically for this.

    • Function: This portion is used to maintain and boost the Token Reward Pool, which directly rewards players for their participation and achievements on the platform.

  2. Revenue Distribution under Tokenized Equity (80%):

    • Major Allocation: The lion's share, 80%, of the Tokenized Equity Pool, is dedicated to revenue distribution.

    • Beneficiaries: This major portion is distributed among token holders, aligning with the concept of Tokenized Equity.

    • Mechanism: The distribution is done on a pro-rata basis, where token holders receive a share of the revenue proportional to their token holdings. It is described on the next page.

    • Aim: This system incentivizes token holding and active participation on the platform, fostering a loyal and engaged community.

In summary, these allocations within the Tokenized Equity Pool are designed to ensure not only the growth and sustainability of the Gaming Arcade ecosystem but also to provide tangible financial benefits to the token holders, thereby reinforcing their investment and participation in the platform.

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