⚗️Token Airdrop Pool Replenishment


Gaming Arcade is committed to maintaining a robust and sustainable token airdrop pool to consistently reward platform users and incentivize participation. The "Token Airdrop Pool Replenishment" strategy ensures that the airdrop pool is perpetually stocked, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted reward distributions.


Revenue Allocation: Every quarter, 20% of Gaming Arcade’s platform revenue is dedicated to replenishing the token airdrop pool.

Currency Adaptability:

If the 20% revenue is in $GADE tokens, it is directly transferred to the token airdrop pool.

If it is in Matic or another currency, it is utilized to purchase $GADE tokens from the open market, which are then added to the airdrop pool.


Sustained Airdrops: This strategy ensures that the airdrop pool never depletes, maintaining a continuous ability to reward users and incentivize participation and engagement on the platform.

Stable Token Demand: By potentially buying back $GADE tokens from the open market, this mechanism also ensures a steady demand for the token, which can positively impact its market value.

User Incentive: A perpetually replenished airdrop pool ensures that users are consistently incentivized to engage with the platform, enhancing user retention and platform activity.

Transparency and Consistency:

Verifiable Transactions: All transactions related to the replenishment of the token aidrop pool will be recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and verifiability.

Consistent Rewards: Users can rely on a consistent and transparent airdrop distribution mechanism, enhancing trust and loyalty towards the platform.

Through the Token Airdrop Pool Replenishment strategy, Gaming Arcade demonstrates a steadfast commitment to its user base, ensuring that rewards, a pivotal element of user engagement and retention, are consistently available, thereby fostering a thriving and engaged platform ecosystem.

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